Review: Disneyland Foods [Shanghai]

It was not a surprise to me that the attraction lines are long at Disneyland, especially at the new Shanghai Disneyland, where a 4 hour wait in rainy weather is not uncommon.  People bring along stools with books to read and entire movies to watch on their electronic devices while waiting. My friend and I went on … Continue reading Review: Disneyland Foods [Shanghai]


Restaurant Review: Nan Ling Restaurant [Shanghai]

Although I grew up in the USA, I am a native of Shanghai.  During a recent visit to my parents' house, I ate dinner with extended family in Shanghai at Nan Ling Restaurant (南伶).  My dad can be particular about his food at times, and this is one of his favorite local Shanghainese restaurants at the moment.  I had … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Nan Ling Restaurant [Shanghai]