Restaurant Review: Kamon 嘉門 [Hong Kong]

I recently stumbled upon Kamon, while trying to search for a teppanyaki place for my mom during my parent’s recent visit to Hong Kong.  My mom enjoys her fair share of Japanese cuisine, however unlike my dad and I, she can’t handle any raw stuff.  Teppanyaki seemed the best choice for a nice dinner out with the whole family.

Starting off, I narrowed it down to four top choices.  My criteria were that the place offered both beef and seafood coursed meals, had a lobster / A5 beef upgrade, included good fried rice, with some consideration for ambience and price/value.  Kamon was the winner this time, for meeting all these categories.


First of all, it’s worth noting that the place is gorgeous, with a stunning panoramic 28th floor view.  The building itself is on a relatively quiet street in Causeway Bay, but not far from Time Square.  We went on a Monday night, and booked ahead of time, so there were not many people there — just the way I like it.  I’d imagine on the weekends, it does get busy because I tried to book again a few weeks later, with only one day in advance, and was told they were full.

Guests can choose to sit at a window table closer to the views, or facing the chef bar style,   We chose the teppanyaki bar, so we can watch the chef show off his cooking skills.  From where we were, we could enjoy both the view and an authentic Japanese teppanyaki experience.

IMG_9671What a breath-taking view

Starting off, my husband ordered a bottle of his favorite choice of drink — plum wine, which was iced and it was delightful.  I’m not a huge alcohol fan, but I enjoyed this plum wine a lot.

The menu had a full a la carte section, and many sets to choose from: seasonal and different beef/seafood sets, with some including sushi/sashimi.  We ordered two regular beef sets and two seafood sets, which were both excellent.

The beef set includes both thin and thick cuts of Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef.  The seafood set lets you select two types from a number of different seafood dishes.

IMG_9672The appetizer as a vegetable salad, simple and healthy.  Dressing was a bit on the tart side. (6/10)

IMG_9673Steamed egg custard as part of the beef set, which was also pretty good, and had a light homemade quality to it. (8/10)

IMG_9674King Prawn and Scallop (9.5/10).  Very fresh and delicious.

IMG_9675Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Sliced Beef (10/10).  This was excellent, and one of the favorites of the night.  Thinly sliced flavorful beef wrapped around fragrant garlic and scallions.

IMG_9676Canadian Lobster (10/10).  Served with some lobster sauce over cold noodles.  Really nice.

IMG_9678Japanese Amadai Fish (10/10).  I am not a fan of fish usually, but I had a bite of my husband’s dish, and it was excellent!  Perfect flavor and textures.

IMG_9679Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef Steak (10/10).  I can’t say enough about this beef.  It’s just perfect.

IMG_9680Fried Rice with Wagyu Beef, came with miso soup and assorted pickles (9.5/10)  This rice was satisfying and fills you right up.

IMG_9681Fried assorted vegetables (7.5/10).  Just your standard vegetables.  I wish they would have served this a bit earlier, maybe before the meat.  At this point, we were getting full and vegetables just didn’t appeal to me.

IMG_9682Dessert, which was a yuzu cake, paired with a nice cup of green tea to end the meal. (10/10).  I LOVED this cake, and the green tea was an unexpected but perfect way to conclude a great meal.

IMG_9684The restaurant reception area with a cool exposed table fish pond

I was pleasantly surprised with this place.  The overall experience was close to ones I’ve had in Japan.  The portion size was good, fills you up but doesn’t over-stuff you.  The ambience is lovely with a spectacular view.  The beef, seafood, rice, dessert dishes were all delicious, and cooked with high quality ingredients.  The price is not cheap as it is considered fine dining, but compared to similar restaurants with analogous offerings, it is actually a good value for good Japanese food in Hong Kong.   I highly recommend this if you are craving teppanyaki!

~ Overall Rating: 9.5/10 ~

Address: 28/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

Hours: 12:00pm – 2:00pm, 6:00pm – 10:30pm (Daily)

Avg Cost per person: Starting around 850 HKD / $110  per set and up


Date Visited: 06/19/17


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