Restaurant Review: Apgujeong Tent Bar [Hong Kong]

Ya’ll haven’t heard from me in a while. That’s because I got food poisoning a few weeks ago 😥 and have been recovering!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to mention the place that got me sick, as it was probably my fault since it was from bad left-overs😵.  ANYWAYS now I’m back!

Today, I want to review a Korean restaurant I visited earlier this year called Apgujeong Tent Bar.  Tucked inside a random building in the middle of Knutsford Terrence in Tsim Sha Tsui, this Korean Restaurant/Bar offers all of your quintessential Korean dishes (from bbq, stews, to fried chicken).

Between the two separate times I ate dinner here, I had the chance to try many of their dishes.  If I have to summarize the major highlight in one sentence: The ra-bokki (spicy rice cake with RAMEN) here was really satisfying.  It’s probably my favorite place to get it in Hong Kong at the moment.

For appetizers, we started with the Yaechae Salad (7/10), which just means vegetable salad, which was nothing too special.  Just some healthy greens with a light dressing to prep us for the heavy stuff ahead.


IMG_8088The Hye mool Pa Jun (Seafood & Sping Onion Pancake 6.5/10) was pretty good in terms of taste.  However, it lacked in terms of texture and visual appeal, and had less seafood/scallion than what I would normally expect.

IMG_7203Japchae (Saute Vermicelli with shredded beef and vegetables 7/10). Again, it tasted fine, but lacked in color and meat and vegetable toppings I would normally expect from this type of dish.

IMG_7248Banban Chicken (Fried & Seasoned Spicy Chicken 8.5/10).  Very tasty juicy fried chicken and generous portions.

IMG_8089LA Galbi (Beef Rib 7.5/10).  I’ve got mixed feelings on this.  The first time I had it, my experience was really positive.  The second time, I felt the quality declined just a bit.  Nevertheless, the meat was well-marinated and reasonably tender.

IMG_8087Rabokki (Stir-fried Ricecake with Ramen Noodles 10/10).  This was the big winner for me.  In term of portion size, taste, texture, spiciness level, oiliness level, and ratio of fishcakes-to-noodles-to-ricecake were all executed perfectly to my taste.  I just loved this dish.

IMG_8091Jajang Myun (Noodle with stir-fried bean paste 7.5/10).  The noodles texture was really nice. The sauce was good enough, but I’ve had better ones in Korea.  My idea of a good Jajang Myun, is where the sauce contains plentiful delicious small fresh chunks of soft meat, potato, and zucchini….whereas one was mostly just sauce.

IMG_8092Nak Ji So Myeon (Spicy Fried Octopus with Noodle 2/10).  If I do recall correctly, this dish is served intentionally cold.  Maybe the low rating is a bit harsh, but these types of cold dishes do not appeal to me AT ALL.  My friend ordered this, thinking it was some other hot octopus noodle dish.

IMG_7212Jeonbok Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup with Abalones 6.5/10).  We ordered this because someone at dinner was recovering from a bad flu.  The soup was warm and soothing, but the abalone was just “EH”.

If I were to rate this place on the rabokki alone, they would be getting a near perfect score.  Unfortunately, some of the other dishes could be improved just a tad.  However, taking into account the casual nature of this place, the dishes are quite tasty.  I do like the fact that there’s so much variety so that there’s something probably for everyone to appreciate.

This is a joint that is great if you want just chill, have some drinks with friends, and eat a huge variety of Korean food and snacks.

I’ll definitely be back there.  That rabokki is calling out to me 😆.

~~~ Overall Rating 7/10~~~

Address: 1/F, 9 Koon Fook Centre,Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui

Hours: 5:00pm – 3:00am (Daily)

Avg Cost per person: 250 HKD / $32

Website: N/A

Date Visited: Twice (Mar/April 2017)


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