Review: Disneyland Foods [Shanghai]

It was not a surprise to me that the attraction lines are long at Disneyland, especially at the new Shanghai Disneyland, where a 4 hour wait in rainy weather is not uncommon.  People bring along stools with books to read and entire movies to watch on their electronic devices while waiting.

My friend and I went on a Monday, thinking that would be better.  We thought wrong!

The facilities at this theme park were brand new and clean, which was great.  The problem was this was still CHINA…the sheer number of people!!  We didn’t grab any Fastpasses, which would have also required long lines.  In the end, we were there from 10:00am until 5:00pm, but we only managed to get on two rides: Soaring Over the Horizon & Jet Packs.  I preferred the latter because I like the more thrilling speed-based type of ride.  We almost made it on the much coveted Tron ride, but we wasted the morning waiting 30 minutes for it, only to have the ride break down 10 minutes before we got to the end.  The ride was down for a couple of hours, and I never got a chance to ride it that day.

Despite the fact that we spent much of our time in line, my friend and I still managed to enjoy ourselves by catching up on life and trying a lot of the food.

In fact, I VOWED to eat as much as I could at Shanghai Disney to “compensate” for the ridiculous experience spent in line!  😀

For lunch, we stopped by Stargazer Grill, after a disappointing finale to our attempt to ride Tron.   The restaurant is right next to the ride, but you can’t really tell from the outside that it is a food stop, which explained why there were many vacant seats there.   They served fried chicken, fries, and assortment of burgers.  We shared a fish burger, fried chicken, and fries.  The portions were decent, and the taste was better than I expected.  The grease level was no more than your average fried food.  Everything was fresh and juicy.

IMG_6649Fried Chicken with Fries (8.5/10)…comes with a thigh and a drumstick

IMG_6650Fish Burger (10/10)...really satisfying!

After our first successful ride, which took a wait time of  3.5 hours, we sought out Disney’s famous Turkey Legs.  I’ve had these in California and Tokyo Disneylands.  I remembered loving them when I first had them in California, but the appeal has waned over the years as I tried them in Asia.  Maybe they are not as good here.  The legs are a lot bigger when you get up close to them.  My friend and I both greedily got our own, which turned out to be too much food for us.

IMG_6651IMG_6652Roasted Turkey Leg (7/10) from Tortuga Treats.  Juicy, Meaty, Gigantic.  Word of advice: Share with someone, no matter how hungry you might think you are.

After that, we were craving for something refreshing on our palates, so we headed for a cart nearby that sold Mickey and Minnie Mouse-shaped ice cream bars.  Although it was still slightly chilly in Shanghai, but we did break a sweat from waiting under the hot sun all afternoon.


The Minnie’s Sweet Treat is strawberry with white chocolate, while the Mickey Ice Cream Classic is coated with a chocolate shell, with chocolate ice cream ears and vanilla ice cream face.

IMG_6654IMG_6655Mickey Ice Cream Classic (10/10).  This was THE highlight of my trip…just hit the spot after mindless waiting under the hot sun.  Just the right amount of sweet and creamy.

We finished our last ride, and as we were exiting the park, I grabbed a hotdog from Timothy’s Treats.  Hotdogs are my guilty pleasure.   This one was nothing special, but it took care of my dinner.

IMG_6656American Hot Dog  (6/10).  Just your average hot dog.  Good size.

I still think Disneyland is a better place for young kids than for adults (unless you’re an avid Disney fan).  I’m still glad I got to experience it and try the food.  Overall, the food is pretty good, at least offered enough value to offset the hefty theme park prices you pay for it.  I do hope someday, I can finally experience the Tron ride though….


Address: Huangzhao Rd, 川沙新镇 Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai, China

Hours:  9:00am – 7:00pm (General, may be subject to change)

Cost (per person): 200 RMB / $30 (Estimated from reviewed items)


Date visited: 3/27/17



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