Restaurant Review: Nabe Nabe [Niseko]

Our first “fancy” meal in Niseko was at Nabe Nabe, a hotpot joint that serves shabu shabu, sukiyaki, dishes of that sort.  When I say “fancy”, I mean multi-coursed and more complex than a bowl of ramen, which was all we managed to have at that point ;).  Hotpot seemed like the right choice for warming us up in the cold weather.

The restaurant was a few minutes walk away from the main road, down a quiet side path laden with snow.  We arrived at 6pm, which is when they open and were the first guests to arrive.  The setting itself is snug and cozy, with probably just a handful of tables.

Snug but comfortable / open kitchen area

Their menu offered salmon hotpot, king crab hotpot, wagyu beef shabu shabu/sukiyaki.  I was extremely enticed by it all, but my husband and I decided on crab in the end.

One thing to note is that the party you arrive with will likely have to settle on a single hotpot menu choice, because they need to serve you in a giant pot in the middle of your table.  One giant pot per table.

The crab hotpot set meal inclues appetizer dishes (which I ended up REALLY enjoying) and dessert.  The seafood was so fresh and THEY GAVE US AN ENTIRE KING CRAB.  It was massive.

IMG_5172Fresh Oysters

IMG_5173Scallop Sashimi

IMG_5180Flounder Carpaccio

IMG_5177The massive thing sticking out of that pot is our dinner for two!

IMG_5179King Crab Hotpot filled with goodies, pre-cooking


IMG_5182Takes a bit of work, but there’s a ton of meat


IMG_5185A scoop of green tea ice cream served with a teddy bear spoon.  


In summary:

  • Enjoyable hotpot experience
  • Excellent set meal appetizer / side dishes
  • Small venue setting felt more homey, and staff were quite attentive and friendly
  • Some places cut the crab legs for you, but here, you have to cut and dig out your own crab meat (I was okay, but it was too much work for my husband…hahha)
  • Huge portions…the crab was really good but a bit too much, to be honest.  I felt like our two person portion could definitely feed three.  No complaints though, because I always prefer overwhelming portions to underwhelming ones 🙂

It was Crab Overload.


Address: 170-205 Yamada, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Hours: 6:00pm – 12:00am; Reservations recommended.

Cost (per person): 5,000 yen / $45


Date Visited: 2/26/17


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