Restaurant Review: 阿武茶弐 Abucha 2 [Niseko]

Random good luck brought me to dine at this Izakaya-style (casual gastropub) restaurant for dinner during our 5th night in Niseko.  We had inadvertently stopped by the entrance around 5:30pm to scope out their dinner menu after returning our lift tickets nearby, when we noticed a small line already forming.  In all my research on Niseko restaurants, this place ranked as one of the most popular places for dinner in Hirafu, and given how people were willing to line up in the freezing cold, we decided we must join along and try this (supposedly) amazing place!

They were fully booked for reservations, but they take about 10 tables first come first serve every night.  We were third in line!  Woohoo!

Once we entered, we were welcomed by a dozen enthusiastic waiters/servers shouting random greetings and orders.  It was loud and chaotic, but not unpleasant.  It reminded me of the old style restaurants in China where they yell out every dish you order to the back kitchen.  The employees must undertake a lot of training and practice to produce such impressive volume and energy in their hollers.

We were quickly seated and perused the sizable menu.  There was plenty to choose from.  Although a good majority of people order sukiyaki, shabu shabu, or hotpot, we opted for small platters to share (izakaya style) to get more variety.  Plus, I was still recovering from the massive crab hot pot I had nights before at Nabe Nabe.

It’s not often where I enjoy every single dish at a restaurant…but I really did at Abucha 2.  Every dish was delicious, but my favorites were Tuna & Tofu Salad, Squid Tempura, Baked Seafood and Baguette, and the Minced Meat with Soft Egg on Rice.

IMG_5306Tuna & Tofu Salad


IMG_5297Sun Dried Squid Tempura

IMG_5295Clams with broth

IMG_5298Baked Seafood with Baguette

IMG_5300Yakitori Plate  – 7 kinds flavored with salt

IMG_5301IMG_5302Minced Meat with Soft Egg on Rice

IMG_5303IMG_5305Special Unagi  Don (Eel over Rice)

In summary, I highly recommend this place based on their quality and the variety of food.  The atmosphere is also great if you are looking to grab a drink.


  • Delicious Food
  • Great variety in food menu
  • Huge selection of drink


  • Can’t really think of much, except the busy noisy pub scene may not be for everyone
  • Need to reserve or line up early by at least 20 minutes

Address: 1F Suiboku, 191-29 Aza Yamada, Kutchan 044-0081, Hokkaido, Japan

Hours: 11:30AM–4PM, 6PM–1AM (Winter and Summer Only)

Cost (per person): 4000 yen / $35 for dinner


Date visited: 3/1/17


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